Diesel power generation systems  provide fast delivery and commissioning, ease of maintenance, high reliability and economical operation -- all pluses in remote locations or where local utility supplies are expensive or unreliable. Full line of new and reconditioned renewal parts for your caterpillar engine.                                    Electrical power systems supply both primary and standby power for a variety of uses - like off-shore oil rigs, huge mines in remote deserts or mountain ranges, entire communities in areas not close to a utility power grid, hospitals, schools, factories, airports and office buildings.


 Aftermarket Large bore diesel engine Power Generator parts  




EMD® diesel powered stationary units can provide 800 to 5000 brake horsepower for generator set and mechanical drive applications using the roots blown or turbocharged engines. These heavy duty units are applied as base load generating sets in remote locations, emergency standby sets in hospitals, land-based drilling, nuclear power generating plants, and pipeline and dredge pump applications

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