Fact:  Most engine failures originate in the fuel tank 
Frequent filter changes and cleaning fuel tanks have become acceptable periodic  maintenance instead of a warning signal for engine failure.  Filter elements should last a thousand hours or more, and injectors some 15,000  hours.  However, since fuel is inherently unstable, solids begin to form and the accumulating tank sludge will eventually clog your filters, ruin your injectors and cause your engine to smoke.

Fuels and oils are susceptible to natural deterioration, like any other organic fluid.  Oxidation, chemical incompatibility, water and microbes all contribute to the process of polymerization and stratification.  This results in poor fuel quality, tank sludge, bio-film and acids.

These by-products of the process of fuel breakdown cause clogged filters, corroded injectors, pumps and tanks, incomplete combustion, carbon build-up, smoke, and loss of power, which ultimately leads to complete engine failure.

Algae-X reverses the process of fuel breakdown


Total Fuel System Management

Diesel engines return excess fuel not used for combustion back to the tank.  This enables Algae-X, installed before the primary filter, to continuously treat the fuel and keep the entire system clean. 

In long-term storage Algae-X is installed in re-circulating systems to prevent degradation and sludge build up.

Every diesel engine needs

Algae-X optimizes the Combustion, Filtration and Stability of Diesel Fuel 

Diesel fuel is naturally unstable.  Its quality and chemistry are impacted by transportation and storage from refinery to user, by heat and pressure of engines, pumps & injectors, and by water & microbial contaminates. Algae-X improves fuel quality by reducing the size & mass of fuel droplets, organic deposits on filters and sludge in tanks. Fuel optimization enhances combustion, extends equipment life and lowers operating costs.   


  • Clogged and slimy filters
  • Dark, hazy fuel
  • Sludge build up in tanks
  • Loss of power, and RPM
  • Corroded, pitted injectors
  • Foul odors


  • Provides Peak engine performance
  • Extends fuel, injector, engine life
  • Lowers fuel consumption
  • Increases engine power - less smoke
  • Eliminates costly toxic chemicals
  • Saves money, increases reliability

How the technology works..
Algae-X technology operates on the principle on induction- the process of combining kinetic and magnetic energy to influence the behavior of electrons.  Algae-X provides a powerful magnetic field and the flow of fuel provides the kinetic energy.  As fuel deteriorates, clusters of fuel components and other fuel breakdown residue begin to accumulate, resulting in dark,  hazy fuel with poor combustibility.  The increase in size and mass of the fuel breakdown products lead to clogged filters and the build up of tank sludge (algae). Algae-X dissolves the clusters, stabilizes the fuel, and eliminates tank sludge.
The result..  Clear, Bright Fuel, optimal combustion. Improved filterability, fuel economy.

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